Puente Wedding

Hi!! This is my very first EVER blog. I am incredibly terrible at writing so bare with me. WARNING: there will be run on sentences, improper punctuation and most likely won’t make any sense. Enjoy the ride hahaha.

Lets talk about the Puente’s (Puente’, Puente’s? oh gosh I don’t know. Like I said, punctuation.)


I was recommended by Dassi to photograph this wedding 2 WEEKS away. This amazing couple unfortunately had a photographer who completely ghosted them and I was luckily available! Anyways…. Rosemary (the bride) and I had never met, she saw my work and under incredible stress and finding a photog was time sensitive. We clicked right away. We met the DAY OF her wedding and we made it the best ever. I met her girls while they were getting ready, and they were so sweet. One of her bridesmaids, Jessica, had a malfunction with her dress from Davids Bridal where the zipper WOULD NOT zip all the way up. Not for any reason other than whoever took the dress in completely ruined the zipper.

Bride trying to fix Jessicas dress

Bride trying to fix Jessicas dress

After lots of lotion, 2 blistered fingers (mine) and no clothes pins in site, we finally asked Janice, the owner of Blue Barn Events for a quick (and quite permanent) fix, and she came to the rescue! The bride and her girls made the decision to just sew the dress completely. Worked like a charm!!

Janice, owner of   Blue Barn Events     sewing the dress!

Janice, owner of Blue Barn Events sewing the dress!

I think its safe to say, something like this happening on your wedding day is a huge fear of everyones. But despite the hiccups they had to deal with, they had such a good attitude about it.


There were tears involved. Okay yes, I cried a lot, I couldn’t see through my lens (LOL). They had the sweetest ceremony. *Do you all see how gorg this venue is?!


Theres nothing more special than having your daughters there on your wedding day. As a little girl, your imagination goes crazy picturing what your own day will someday be. These little ones were crazy about their mama and her dress. Constantly fixing it, making it perfect. Its all in the details and I think they knew that. They knew how special this day was. So intricate. Eyes so big you can see all their dreams. This was a day they will remember forever, so special.


This was minutes after they said I do. Pure joy. Oh my gosh I just soaked up all the love that was pouring out of everyones hearts. They say a picture is a thousand words. I hope when you look at it you feel all of the words this photo deserves. Happiness, joy, loyalty, friendship, laughter, genuine, to name a few.


Who else watches in awe when its the first dance? Its no secret im a total sap for this stuff. First dance, groom watching his bride walk down the isle, first look, mother and father seeing their daughter in her dress for the first time on her wedding day, father daughter dance, all timeless traditions that make my heart throb and tears come out of my poor little eyes.


Okaaaaaaay y’all lets talk about this best man speech thouggggghh. HE KILLED IT. I think I only got 3 photos of it cause I turned video mode on and recorded it. I HAD too. It was too good. Maybeeee ill post it at the end of this blog. Lets just say, he broke out in song and wow.


So lemme talk about this right quick. Out of all of their wedding photos, Im pretty dang sure I took more of this dance than anything (not really but kind of). It was a ridiculous amount. And you bet your bottom dollar I delivered every. single. one. Y’all know Pony by Genuine, and if you don’t, educate yourself, its a classic. He got sooo into it.

It was so dang hard not posting 100 photos from this wedding. Trust me, I tried to limit it to keep you all interested. I think when you have a connection to something, it makes reading and scrolling all the more worth it. I connect so much to everything, I can feel what other people are feeling, I can feel fear, I can sense emotions, it is so draining sometimes, but when I am overwhelmed with love like I was at this wedding, its like a high. I leave feeling so happy. Why can’t everyone in life be THIS happy. I hope and pray everyone feels what these two felt on this day and everyday. Its REAL. They’re REAL. Love is REAL and it is out there for you to find. Or best case, It will come to you and you don’t gottaaa do any of the work HAHA.

The enddd


elle williams