Unboxing Grove Collaborative

So this week I realized facebook is THE PLACE for advertising. Let me walk you through my brain for a sec.

So here I am scrolling, and a sponsored post is in my feed. The title read: 6 things tidy people don’t do
I immediately thought “omg I bet all of these apply to my friend Christy.” So I clicked on it. I got the first bold thing tidy people don’t do (I honestly don’t remember lol) and they went on and on about Grove Collaborative. So before reading anymore, I immediately clicked on this thing called Grove.

While looking through, I noticed you can get a subscription with them for free stuff. So duh, I signed up. With signing up I got soooo much free stuff!

Opening the box

Opening the box

I could hardly wait to unbox and use anything I could that night. Although I wish I would’ve waited til the next day because well, lighting.

My order came out to something like $46 for ALL of this. I got:

Tree free bath tissue

White matte caddy

Glass spray bottle with silicone sleeve in seafoam green

Multi-Surface cleaner in lavender

Tree free facial tissue

Daily Shower spray in eucalyptus

Stoneware Tray in white

Antibac bathroom cleaner in spearmint

Mrs. Meyers Dish soap in lavender

Wrinkle release spray

Mrs. Meyers hand lotion in lavender

Mrs. Meyers Cream Cleaner in lemon

Grove Collaborative organic cotton swabs

Grove Collaborative walnut scrubber sponges

European Dish Cloth set of 2.

Grove Collaborative bar soap in lavender and oatmeal

Grove Collaborative hand sanitizer

Glass Cleaner concentrate insert

All of this for $46.03

Can’t wait to try the Basil scent from Mrs. Meyers!

Can’t wait to try the Basil scent from Mrs. Meyers!


If you’re still reading, I LOVE YOU but also, Im just sayin, IM SOLD. I didn’t care what so ever that my hubby didn’t approve. My finger tapped purchase so dang fast .

I highly recommend buying cleaners, laundry stuff, bath supplies from Grove Collaborative. They have a subscription that is $20 for the year, and you get free shipping and monthly shipments! You can even customize your shipments too! Its pretty much da bomb. Especially for those with multiple kids that you don’t want to have to bring in and out of the car and into the store (AMIRITE)

The only thing I will say I am disappointed in so far, is I used the glass cleaner concentrate, you mix it with water.. I did one closet glass door with that and the other glass door with the Sprayway Glass Cleaner from Costco and the Sprayway won hands down. I don’t know what Im going to do with the concentrate version cause I don’t want to waste it, but it basically spread the dust and I had to grab it with the paper towel to get the line of dust that was left. If that makes sense………. Smelled great, but I also love the smell of Sprayway too so theres that.

Haha well thank you guys so much if you made it this far!!