What to wear to a photoshoot


Hi guys! My name is Jodie, I run my own blog Frisky Gypsy and I have a serious love for fashion. I have to take pictures for my site all the time so I’ve finally gotten down what you should and should not wear for my blog post. So I’m here to give you all the tips and ticks on what to wear for you shoots from engagement photos to photos with the family! Photos are def an investment. So with that being said you want to invest in the perfect outfits to make your photos stand out!

WWP_8539 2.jpg

  1. The number one rule when you are taking pictures as a couple or a family is to somewhat coordinate. No you don’t have to be matchy matchy and wear the same color flannel. You should somewhat color coordinate. For instance, what not to do would be put your fiancé in a button up yellow shirt while you’re wearing a red dress.. THAT WOULD BE TOO MUCH COLOR. (you’d also look like ketchup and mustard…) lol pick colors that vibe together.

  2. People don’t realize the professional cameras pick up everything! Dark clothing tends to slenderize your appearance in photos if your not 100% comfortable with your size  black dress, dark jeans & a dark top is definitely going to make you appear smaller in a photo.

  3. Going with a busy prints or pattern gets a HUGE thumbs down in my book. They can make you look wider then you are and draw the wrong kind of attention to your photos. It takes away from people looking at how beautiful you will look in your photos. Prints are just distracting. I’m not saying you can’t throw a little bit of flare in there but try to minimize it.

  4. Light clothing in photos are always a good option. They come across as crisp and fresh and will add life to the photos. Don’t over accessorize! Make sure you know the location of your shoot. Make sure the colors pop off the background verses blending in. Less is always more especially when it comes to photos. For instance, don’t wear a bulky statement necklace and big earrings it will take away from your beautiful face.


Now lets talk hair, make up, and nails. Never do anything crazy to your hair before photos. Wear your hair how you normally would. Being your natural self is always best! You’ll love a photo a lot more looking like yourself. You should wear a little more make up then usual. Cameras can wash you out. Adding a little darker eyeshadow, little more blush, & false lashes will make your face pop! If you have a small mouth or don’t like your teeth avoid bright colors on your lips! Red lips can ruin a photo if your lips are slim because it will blend in with your skin color and gums when you smile. If you don’t like your teeth, think they are yellow or don’t like your smile bright colors  will 100% draw attention to that. Make sure to paint your nails before your shoot or have no nail polish at all. Nothing is worse then chipped nails in a photo. You will see it! Like I said professional cameras pick up EVERYTHING.  

Hope these few tips and tricks for what to wear and not to wear on your shoot! Just these little details will help you feel more comfortable and absolutely fall in love with your photos!

Xoxo, Jodie